Another site discovered in the summer of 1998, the W2 tracksite is one of the largest sites for surface area and number of footprints and trackways. Where the W3 Main tracksite has the most tracks and the highest diversity, the W2 tracksite has the most deeply impressed tracks, making it easier to view even under poor light conditions. The vertebrate ichnofauna is overwhelmingly dominated by ankylosaur tracks and trackways.

The impressive W2 tracksite


There are only one or two large theropod trackways and a similar number of medium theropod trackways.

Large and medium-sized theropod footprints from the W2 site.

 To date, there is no evidence of any bird footprints at the W2 site. The most significant aspect of the W2 site is that it shows the only evidence of herding behavior in adult ankylosaurs anywhere in the world.

Ankylosaur trackways showing evidence of gregarious behavior (black arrows)

Tridactyl theropod print (white arrow) in a trackway for scale (length = 50cm)