(middle Albian)

    In the summer of 2005 a Ph.D. candidate from the Ichnology Research Group (I.R.G.) at the University of Alberta reported finding a small trackslab with small dinosaur and bird tracks on it on Mount Babcock to the south of Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia. The slab was airlifted to the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre in the fall of 2005. A large area of the tracksurface was covered with colonies lichen which was successfully removed with a bleach solution (Buckley and McCrea, in review). With the removal of lichen a number of bird footprints and several theropod prints were made visible. The theropod prints are referable to Irenichnites ichnosp. tracks that were originally described by C.M. Sternberg (1932). However the lichen revealed the presence of very fine skin impressions which have never before been found associated with Irenichnites track specimens to date. Over fifty avian footprints and several trackways were mapped and current research suggests that they are likely a new ichnotaxon.