Horton  Bluff Formation



Pseudobradypus unuifer (Dawson)

From Sternberg, 1933

The first researches on fossil footprints in Canada was from finds in the Carboniferous strata of Nova Scotia in 1841.  William Edmond Logan, a geologist, found several footprints in a building stone quarry near Horton Bluff.  They appeared to him to have been produced by a reptile of some sort.  He displayed the prints to the Geological Society of London in 1842.  Richard Owen and Charles Lyell were in attendance, but Owen was not entirely convinced of their organic nature and Logan did not pursue the matter further.  Logan's footprint finds could have been the first discovery of Palaeozoic terrestrial vertebrates

William Edmond Logan


      The next major figure in eastern Canadian vertebrate ichnology was John William Dawson, a geologist.  By Dawson's time (only a few years after Logan's disappointing meeting in London)

John William Dawson




George Frederick Matthew