Richard T. McCrea

    Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre

Box 1540

Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

V0C 2W0


Tel: (250) 242-DINO (3466)

Fax: (250) 242-4076


The Cabin Pool tracksite near Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

(Photo by Joan Zimmer, 2002)



Near vertical on the W3 Main tracksite near Grande Cache, Alberta

(Photo by Sandra Jasinoski, 1998)


    Rich is currently undertaking Ph.D. research at the University of Alberta with George Pemberton and Phil Currie as supervisors.  Rich's research topic covers most aspects of Mesozoic vertebrate ichnology of western Canada, primarily from sites in Alberta and British Columbia.  Few formations in western Canada have been fully investigated from a vertebrate ichnology perspective, consequently there is always something new to find every field season.